Survival Ties

Survival Ties

The Outbreak Chronicles #1

Trisha Leazier

Survival Ties by Trisha Leazier

Reviewed by Helen

This is a debut for author Trisha Leazier a fast paced story and the start of a series which for me is always good. This one is aimed at the young adult reader but of course can be read by anyone who enjoys a story with lots of ups and downs and danger around every corner.
Ashlyn’s world is turned upside down when the sister she loves has a heart transplant and then turns into a zombie or red eye and dies twice the whole world is going crazy when so many people who have had a medical advancement suddenly turn and there is death and danger everywhere. Ashlyn is saved by her neighbour Sam and together with some others from the neighbourhood start on a journey that picks up survivors along the way and although not blood related they become a family who will do anything for each other.
They are set on a course to what they hope will be safety at Sam’s Nephew Drew’s Bio Dome Resort Paradis Roulette, the journey is a hard one with a lot happening friendships will be made and people will die but above all special friendships will be made and there will be sparks of young love that come from their fear and determination to survive. I recommend this story to people who love a good Si-Fi with strong characters who show such strength and caring, I look forward to the next one in the series.

4/5 stars for a great story

Published September 10th 2016 by Body Count Productions, Inc.