Crossing the line by Nicola Marsh

Crossing the Line (World Apart, 1)

Reviewed by Desere

Mia is tired of being the good girl, and decides it's time to have some fun whilst being as bad as any girl can be. So when she heads off to her father's tennis academy she's more than determined to get as down and dirty as possible.

She sets her sights on tennis champ Kye. But Kye is there in order to sort out his messed up life and get a chance at the big time and by screwing the boss's daughter he will for darn sure ruin any chance he has to get in with the big players.

But as every girl out there will tell you, when you have your mind set on "Let's do this" there is no stopping and you will push all the buttons or lose them , in order to get what who you want.

Kye is therefore pretty much a goner and soon he and Mia start up a passionate affair, but when the vacation is over will it still be Kye wanting to get to the top of his game and Mia wanting to go back to being little miss goody two shoes or will their vacation romance blossom into something more than just a lust full vacation fling?

I enjoyed this read, the romance between the main characters was well balanced and it was interesting to read about how it plays out. Mia's best friend Dani was the character of intrigue and mystery in this book, and at one stage I found myself wanting to slam the girl into a wall for being such a bitch , but as they say jealousy makes you nasty and the author perfectly portrayed that through the character of Dani, and I will also add that Dani has her very own little secret that will be brought to light in the next installment of the series.

The character of Kye was your typical guy's guy, a little lost in life and trying to find his feet back to normal ground again , so him ending up with the temptation of the boss's daughter and her "Do me now" attitude was fun to see. It totally knocks the poor guy from his " I have to get back on track " plan. And it shows just how easy one can be side tracked from a perfectly good thought out plan.

The character of Mia was at first I thought a bit too much, but only in the sense of the "Really? You want to go all bad ass just to get over your geeky image?" I have never believed that is the right approach to getting noticed in life, but sadly some girls do actually think exactly like Mia does, so very realistic touch Nicola!. Through the character of Mia the author showed that when you try to be something you're not, you might end up becoming someone you don't want to be but due to your actions you have no choice but to ride it out or find a solution to bring you back down to earth and the correct way of thinking without a clouded vision of wanting to be someone you have never really been. What others think of you is never as important as what you think of yourself.

I am taking away a message of life has a way of showing us who we are meant to be, there's a reason you are who you are. You might not think it very exciting being who you are, so yes the natural solution is to get up and try something new. But don't go doing the extreme, take baby steps and along the way you will find the real you is so much more valuable than the image you conjured up in your mind.

4 star review
" Game,set, match oh look she snagged a tennis champ, but can she keep him?"