Girl Online On Tour by Zoe Sugg

Reviewed by Desere

Young adult reads are always a delight, it takes you back to when you were young , yep I said it, so naturally you can work out I am not that young, so why read a young adult book, you might ask?

Well it's exactly as I said, it takes me back to when I was young and sadly the young adult books of today did not exist back when I was young.  There was the Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys all those that were fantastic reads to keep you occupied whilst secretly wishing you could get your hands on the romance books your mother hid away, or that the books would actually have situations you could relate to.

But enough about me and my old age, let's get down to business and talk Girl Online On Tour! Penny joins her rock - star boyfriend, Noah, on his European music tour. Bags packed, hair styled, accessories loaded and ready to go! Penny cannot wait to spend time with her rock-tastic boyfriend.

But between his jam( get it?!) schedule , the less than welcoming band-mates and the threatening messages from some pretty jealous fans , Penny starts to wonder if she's really cut out for this kind of life on tour. She misses home, family, friends and her blog. Soon thoughts of losing her life back home in exchange for the what might be the perfect summer start to roll around in her mind and the question lingers. Is life on tour really worth losing her true identity ?

Now on to what I thought. The best part of this read with out a doubt is the realistic look at life on tour. When I think back to the bands I drooled over I remember that I always thought how cool their lives must be. Getting to see the world, meet new people and all while doing what you love. But this read puts all of that into a new perspective , live on tour is hard, long and not at all what the outside world thinks it to be, and that's just for the band! Life as the GF of any band member is wow in many ways but mostly bleh !

It's kind of like hanging around on vacation with your parents whilst all your friends are down at the beach party your parents don't approve of , so you dwindle around , bored out of your mind listing to music.

So to wrap it up and get the heck of the stage , the following:

The book is a great read for all those wondering what life on the road is like , but it's of course fictional but for the most part I think really accurate based on some other true life similar books I have read. Penny herself was a cute and fun character, one that I felt really sorry for as I am sure you will too.

I recommend this read for anyone and everyone that would like to go back to their younger years and visit a dream ( go ahead and admit it, you wanted to be on tour with your music hero) but be warned it will shatter the perfect illusion you had , and in that case if you prefer to let the dream stay in tack I won't recommend the read.

5/5 star review
" Jamming it out on tour is not all it's said to be"